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What is it?

Savadenn, it's a team. A team of IT enthusiasts.

In breton, it's the concept of elevation. For us, it's the will to work differently. Give back time to people and share knowledge.


By creating innovative digital tools.

By supporting you in custom-made projects.

Our expertise

Our method

We use MVP and MLP principles to build custom softwares suited for your business.

And to do that, user experience stands a center position in the conception process.

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They trust us

Few projects

In order to guarantee you tools that are always adapted to your business, all our applications are custom-made.

  1. Mobile app
    Creation of a mobile application to help build orders for field sales representatives.
    • study
    • conception
    • development
  2. Dashboard
    Data valuation from sensors and web display of summary graphs to customers.
    • study
    • conception
  3. Food tracking
    Food traceability applications for semi-industrial SMEs.
    • study
    • conception
    • innovation
  4. Data exchange
    Flow connectors between large retailers ERP and insurance ERP.
    • study
    • conception
    • development
    • EDI
  5. Your project
    What if your project was on this list?
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Our technos

Our team

Sébastien Meudec

Sébastien CEO

Thomas de Saint Exupery

Thomas CPO

Goulven Le Dû

Goulven CTO

Dominique Maillet

Dominique Sales manager

Our partners

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