Minimum Viable Product

A minimal viable product is a functional product, no more, no less. The formula may seem simplistic, but it reveals a very clear concept. This product meets the business requirements with the best added value.

The aim is to match the product as early as possible to customer needs. It is then possible to observe the interest in the product, and to measure any adaptations that the target would like to see made to the product, even before having to commit astronomical sums to its development.

Build, Measure, Learn

Thus, the product is scalable and usable all the time. Unlike the "classic" method where you have to wait until the very end of the production process to be able to use the product.
And if the need has changed in the meantime, the tool is obsolete before it is even finished.

MVP process

Minimum Loveable Product

The daily use of sophisticated applications has led to increasing the minimum level of quality required by users.

The brain is somehow conditioned and if a product looks hazy, partially functional, or doesn't seem reliable, it is instantly abandoned.

Life is too short to build something nobody wants Ash Maurya

An MLP is a minimum viable product generating a wow effect! It is by integrating the issues of ergonomics and user experience from its conception that a product has the best chance of being adopted.

Thanks to this approach Savadenn can offer you tailor-made tools that meet the specific needs of your business.

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